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John Barrowman of recent I’m a Celebrity’ fame shares one of the latest disappointments of his life. The Scottish-American actor shares the one thing that he may never have. John Barrowman, age 51, disclosed during his most recent interview that his husband, Scott Gill isn’t ready yet to have kids. The actor and his husband have been together for ten years.

A Family Of His Own
The actor always wanted to have a family of his own. Barrowman further disclosed that he would like to adopt a child. However, this is not something you can do like shopping at the local grocery and bringing it back home. He also added that it has to be a mutual decision to be made. This shows the actor’s respect for his husband’s decision.

Barrowman’s partner Gill does encourage his partner’s interest. However, he admits that he himself isn’t ready for it. The reason may most likely be due to his business endeavors. Gill is currently running a company and appears regularly in a TV show in the US, “Arrow.” This requires him to travel regularly from the UK to the US. This may hint that he prefers to be around, should he decide to adopt with his partner Barrowman.

Barrowman has previously been known to his fans through his past appearances in Former Doctor Who’ and Torchwood.’ He is considered among the big players in the recent I’m A Celebrity’ shows.

Off The Radar Before The Show
John remained low key and silent about his appearance on his latest show. Among those who knew were within his immediate family, not one of his friends even knew. Barrowman admitted that he intended to be quiet about the matter and didn’t want to spill details about his latest gig. The show kept audiences on their toes as to who will be the latest addition to their guest roster. At his second shot at fame, Barrowman is obviously not shying away from the limelight. The actor has made a statement that he will stick up for the rest and not let power trippers get the better of others.

Barrowman also became a regular at West End prior to I’m a Celebrity.’ He performed in shows like Anything Goes’ and Phantom-of-the-Opera.’ His fans admit that they yearn to hear the actor sing again with like James McVey and Fleur East.

A Chance To Sing Again
The actor admits he does want to sing again. However, it is not something that is completely under his control. Other than his current engagements, he is finicky about his recent singing performance. It won’t be some cheap song he disclosed.

I’m-a-Celebrity… Get-me-Out-of-Here!” is one of UK’s hit reality TV series. The pilot episode aired back in 2002 of August. It showcases celebrities from different fields of the entertainment industry and socialites alike and is a competition set in the jungle. The actor appeared to have no qualms in taking showers out in the wild. ITV Studios produces the show and licensed to air in 11 countries.

He also spoke about his use of plastic surgery, but didn’t reveal if he used facelift Manchester‌ ‌services or any other.

I’m-a-Celebrity’s’ Latest Location
The show will still be held in New South Wales, Australia. In earlier seasons the show took place at King Ranch, near Tully, Queensland. It also had its Australian counterpart. This one was filmed at Kruger National-Park in South Africa.

The show was initially planned to air in the US through the partnership of Granada TV and ABC. However, they faced a hurdle due to a lawsuit filed by CBS, who airs a show with a similar concept, Survivor.’

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