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There is a great need for cardiologists to practice their work according to and perfectly. This is not the case according to the recent study it shows that the US claims for cardiology negligence up 91% over the past decade. This is a worrying medical negligence trend and this article seeks to examine the real cause of such a phenomenon. Health care, especially in developed countries across the globe, is taken seriously. This is also a result of the much investment that has been pumped into it, ranging from education to research fields. It is therefore recommended that cardiologist in their field should act in the best of interest to promote the industry.

  1. defensive medicine

According to the study, it was clear that the cardiologist was not willing to take the blame for the continued increase in these claims. It was clear that the level of expertise in the region was declining. This is a worrying trend to a country that has put up a strong universal health care facility yet the professionals in this field are really failing and blaming the system. Defensive medicine should not be an issue in the 21st century where delivery of services to patients should be the driving motive for all cardiologists and try to avoid unnecessary insurance policies. According to the data from the CBS database the total amount of indemnity claims was averaging to around £96 million in a decade.

  1. litigation

It is evident that some cardiologist does not understand the relevant laws that guide their profession. There have to be laws that shed some light on medical malpractices .it will look into the art of the cardiologists and hence lower the costs of healthcare and the amount spend on the recklessness of the cardiologists. Such looks are likely to shape the nature in which these professionals carry out their duties. Therefore it calls for the cardiologists to understand the malpractices and the common types of patient injuries .this is also going to mitigate the malpractice and ensure better health services to the citizens of this countries. The laws should be hard on the cardiologist who continuously makes malpractices.

  1. lack of experience

Due to the delicate nature of the cardiovascular job, it, therefore, requires experienced individuals. It is disappointing to see fresh graduates take up such operations. Learning the art of doing something time and again is a key component of cardiologists. One needs to learn through the ladder in order to get to know the delicateness of the matter. Then he will be able to perform to the very best when faced with a problem. But in this current US market anyone with a degree in Cardiology has the capability to take up the job.

Finally, it truly lies on the cardiologists. Biology gives us an understanding of this matter and clear knowledge of the mutative elements of microorganisms leads to the emergence of new infections. These infections are likely to lead to immediate deaths in the course of determining which medicine to use .in this regard you cannot squarely blame it on the doctor. Patients have a role to play and ensure that such infections are reported as early as possible to reduce its spread within the body.

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